Location:  Charles Mack Citizen Center

215 N. Main Street

Mooresville, NC

About Sadie
As one of the most sought after performers and teachers of  Oriental Dance (Bellydance), Sadie has visited hundreds of cities in over 40 countries and is the most watched bellydancer on youtube with almost 30 million hits on just one video clip alone. Sadie’s fans and colleagues have crowned her “The Queen of the Drum Solo”. Recently Sadie, in duet with Kaya, wowed the judges of “America’s Got Talent” and the American public all the way to the “Top 48″ out of 70,000 auditions on season 5 of the program. They are the only bellydancers to make it that far on the American version of the show.

Road Trip 2016 with Sadie


Saturday March 12, 2016


  9:30 am - 10:30 am Registration & Shopping

  10:30 am - 3:30 pm Workshops (1 hour lunch)

    Topics: (see definitions below)   
    Phenomenal Abdominals & Layer player

  Dancers' Showcase

  7:30 pm - 9:30 pm (doors open at 7 pm)

Sunday March 13, 2015


  9:30 am - 10:30 am Registration & Shopping

  10:30 am - 3:30 pm Workshop (1 hour lunch)

    Topics: (see definitions below)   
    Signature Combos & Sambellytahiti Fusion      

“PHENOMENAL ABDOMINALS” Are you ready to put the "Belly" back in Bellydance and to discover all the amazing things you can do with your abdominals?  Sadie will take you step by step through a series of techniques, drills and combinations that will help you harness your power house.  This workshop will unleash your maximum potential! The techniques will help you to create unbelievable undulations, rolls, flutters, pelvic locks, mayas, sways and so much more!  And that just the beginning!! In addition to mastering the secrets of these complicated bellydance movements, you will also receive the benefit of a high intensity Ab workout! Are you ready to get Phenomenal Abdominals?Type your paragraph here.

"LAYER PLAYER" Layering is the ultimate Bellydance skill. To master the art of layering, a dancer must first master Isolation, Precision and Timing. This workshop is a technique intensive designed to tap into the mind/body connections necessary to master layering. Sadie's layering techniques and drills will allow all levels of dancers including beginners to start having fun with layers while challenging even the most advanced dancers and teachers. Get ready to be a #1 Layer Player!

“SADIE'S SIGNATURE COMBINATIONS” Learn some of Sadie’s trade secrets with an intense workshop taking you through a series of Sadie’s latest and greatest Signature Combinations,

“SAMBELLYTAHITI FUSION” This workshop remixes Sadie’s three most favorite dance forms, Bellydance, Brazilian Samba and Tahitian. She will take you on a world journey with some of her most exciting technique and combos of these 3 dances. Discover the pulsating rhythms and movements to create new, zest and flare to add to your dance!