Previous Workshops

2016 Intensive with Kelly of Miami
August 16-14, 2016

Kelly brought the Miami heat to our 2016 Intensive!  Focusing on helping students develop their own choreography and style Kelly helped us focus on our "Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes", "Covering the Stage", "Outrageous Accents", and "The Fabulous Finish".  Kelly had plenty of combos to illustrate these topics and give the dancers a few ideas for their next dance.  Our Dancers' Showcase featured dancers from 5 different states as well as Brazilian representation!

Road Trip 2015 with Sadie

March  12-13, 2016 

America's Got Talent quarter finalist Sadie joined Pyramid Road for a weekend of workshop as well as a gala show in Mooresville, NC.  Sadie topics included about Phenomenal Abdominals,  LayerPlayer, Sadie's Signature combos, and Sambellytahiti fusion.  With plenty of drills for the dancers, Sadie pulled the best out of all of the dancers.  Six seems to be our lucky number, as our show once again featured dancers from 6 different states. The highlights being the two incredible performances by Sadie! 

Road Trip 2015 with Fahtiem 

March 21-22, 2015 

American Bellydance Legend Fahtiem joined us for an extraordinary weekend of workshop as well as a gala show in Mooresville, NC.  Fahtiem focused on Articulation & Layering, Timing, and Taxim during the two days of workshops.  Thought they worked very hard, the participants loved the drilling of the technique.  Once again our show featured dancers from 6 different states and of course a fantastic performance from Fahtiem.  

2014 Intensive with Virginia and Amir Thaleb

August 8-10, 2014

Our 2014 Intensive was a weekend of first!  It was the first time Pyramid Road hosted two instructors at one event and it was also the first time for Amir Thaleb of Argentina to visit North Carolina.  Virginia and Amir did not disappoint as they hit the stage for their workshops.  From Virginia showing us all how to have an Exquisite Frame to Amir's technique and combinations, the dancers were pushed to the next level.  Add in choreography from each instructor and the dancers had a jammed packed weekend.  The only thing the dancers wanted at the end of the weekend was a promise from Zu that she would bring these two extraordinary instructors back!

Our Saturday night Dancers' Showcase, featuring Virginia and Amir Thaleb, was an amazing evening of entertainment. Professional dancers from a record six different states, came together to share their talents with the audience.  The crowd was treated to two performance, each, from Virginia and Amir and they both had the crowd on their feet dancing with them in the grand finales.

Road Trip 2014 with Munique Neith
March 29-30, 2014

We kicked off 2014 in Mooresville, NC with the return of Munique Neith of Barcelona, Spain.  As promised, Munique returned to North Carolina and once again inspired us with her infectious energy, great technique and incredible choreography.   In our two days with Munique we covered oriental technique as well as learned a fun and sassy Shabbi choreography!

Once again Munique was featured in our Saturday night Dancers' Showcase. Professional dancers from the Eastern seaboard joined in for this spectacular show along with special guest Ciri of Barcelona, Spain.  Confetti flew as Munique light up the stage and dazzled the audience!

We hated to see Munique, Albert and Cira leave, but we know they will be back again!

2013 Intensive with Kaeshi Chai and Brad MacDonald
August 10-11, 2013

We may have had to say good bye to summer but we were happy to say hello to Kaeshi Chai and Brad MacDonald of New York City.  Everyone had an amazing weekend with these two incredible performers and instructors!  Our first ever workshop featuring multiple instructors did not disappoint.  We started the weekend off as a bunch of "posers" and ended the weekend with drum solo improvisation and pushing our dance boundaries. And who will forget the Brad Mack I-pod challenge and all of the fun we had dancing to music that wasn't quite taken from the bellydancers' standard list!

Along with the workshops, our Saturday night Dancers' Showcase featuring Kaeshi Chai and drummer Brad MacDonald marked our first show with two featured artists as well as dancing to live music.  Professional dancers from the surrounding area joined in and rounded out the evening's activities.  

At the end of the weekend we gave Kaeshi and Brad a box of goodies from Amalie's bakery and sent them on them home again with a promise to bring them back for another weekend of fun.

Road Trip 2013 with Munique Neith
March 15-17, 2013

We kicked off 2013 with the amazing Munique Neith of Barcelona, Spain.  In her first visit to the USA, Munique wowed the US audience with amazing technique, fabulous choreographies and energy that could not be contained!  In our two days with Munique we covered oriental technique as well as learned a Samab fusion drum solo that was as fun as it was high energy!

Along with the workshops, we had two amazing shows.  Our Friday night Hafla show featured our local dancers showcasing their talents for Munique, the workshop participants, family and friends.  On Saturday we had our Dancers' Showcase featuring Munique Neith and it was a night of incredible dancing.  Professional dancers from the Eastern seaboard joined in for this spectacular show.  And the audience was treated to three full length performances by Munique!

While we were sad to see the weekend come to a close, we were excited to have Munique promise to return for a future workshop.

2012 Intensive with Mohamed Shahin
August 11-12, 2012

The incredible Mohamed Shahin of Cairo/NYC was the featured instructor for Pyramid Road's first intensive event.  On Saturday we kicked off the event with a great warm up and stretch with Charlotte's own Naima Sultana.  Once warmed up and ready to go, the dancer's spent the day with Mohamed Shahin learning Egyptian technique and combinations.  The fund didn't end after the workshop; the night was topped off with a Dancer's Showcase featuring Mohamed Shahin in a Lebanese Debke number as well as theTanoura.  Mohamed's amazing performance brought the crowd to their feet.  Sunday was spent learning an original Mohamed Shahin Choreography.  All dancers worked very hard to learn this beautiful piece and thought it looked like we wouldn't have time to learn the veil entrance, but Mohamed was committed to making sure that everyone learned the entire piece.  We may have gone over our end time but we finished!

Road Trip 2012 with Aziza
March 16-18, 2012

We welcomed spring with a weekend of dance with the amazing Aziza!  Our second Road Trip was a weekend filled with friends, fun and of course Dance! Friday afternoon Aziza kicked things off with a beautiful veil choreography with a Samia Gamal flare.  Saturday was filled with technique. We started the session focusing on Fluidity and ended with great combinations.  Sunday held more technique and the addition of choreography.  Aziza leveraged the combinations from the first day to lay the foundation for a beautiful new choreography.  Add to this two shows including a Saturday Dancers' Showcase featuring Aziza not once, but twice.  And to increase the fun, Aziza performed in Friday's show with two of her Dream Camp alumnae. 

In addition to the great dancing, there was great shopping as well.  With 8 vendors the participants had many options to get new practice wear, training and performance DVDs, costumes and of course the bling to top it all off!  Everyone was set to practice their two new choreographies and then perform in the most beautiful of costumes.  Everyone had fun and learned many new things.  All events took place in the beautiful Charles Mack Citizen Center in downtown Mooresville, NC.

Road Trip 2011 with Virginia
March 17-19, 2011

We kicked off March Madness with a weekend of dance with the fabulous Virginia!  It was dance, dance and more dance.  Friday afternoon Virginia treated us to a master class that focused on Traveling Steps.   Saturday was filled with Egyptian Oriental.  We started the session with technique and ended with a great choreography.  Sunday held more technique and choreography; however this time it was a drum solo.  Add to this two shows including a Saturday Dancers' Showcase featuring Virginia not once, but twice and you have a weekend filled with great dance, everyone had a great time.  All events took place in the beautiful Charles Mack Citizen Center in downtown Mooresville, NC.

Here is what the participants were saying after a wonderful weekend with Pyramid Road and Virginia:

Isdihar: Thank you for bringing us together! You are making us feel even more like a larger dance community!

Sapphire: Great workshop! Virginia was fabulous. The venue was well equipped. The hostess (Zu) was well organized. Congrats on a job well done!

Joy: Congratulations to Zu and many thanks to Pyramid Road for bringing the vivacious Virginia Mendez to Charlotte, NC. It was a fun, educational and memorable weekend of exciting choreographies, useful technique tips and beautiful, diverse performances! I'm looking forward to Road Trip 2012 with Aziza!

Haala:  A big thank you for all the hard work you and your volunteers put into making the first Road Trip such a big success!!! Everything ran so smoothly and professionally, and of course Virginia was an amazing and inspiring instructor! I can't wait for the next Road Trip with Aziza in 2012!

Nadirah: It was amazing....what a wonderful weekend of dance.

Sylvana: Awesome workshop weekend with Virginia of Miami. I'll be stiff for at least a week :) Thank you so much to Debbie for all her hard work pulling the event off.

Iona: Thanks so much again Debbie for a great workshop and show. You're putting Charlotte on the map baby!

Day Trip with Kelly of Miami: 
August 8-9, 2015

We turned it up a notch for this even and made it a two day trip! Kelly of Miami came to Charlotte to help us "Keep Calm and Shimmy" and "Let it Flow". Our second day featured a great Kelly choreography that had the entire room nagwa bouncing with joy. Our Dancers' Showcase at Duke Energy Theater was a sell out and Kelly's performances were stunning.

Day Trip with Naima Sultana:  Big Band Bellydance
January 12, 2014

In the return of our Day Trips, Naima Sultana got us into the swing of things with Big Band Music.  What a wonderful way to kick off the New Year.  Not only did we learned a fast and fun routing to the popular big band hit Sing, Sing, Sing, but we also had a lecture portion to strengthen our knowledge base and familiarize us with common rhythms, movements and bellydance theory.

The popularity of this artist was demonstrated by the sold out workshop and long is of dancers on the waiting list.  Everyone wanted to get in on the fun!

Day Trip with Lisa Zahiya: Belly Funk
September 25, 2011

In our Second Day Trip the fabulous and funky Lisa Zahiya shared her signature belly dance style with us.  We learned how to add spice to our performances by working on movement style,combinations, patterns and expression.

An innovative and award winning performer, Lisa Zahiya is known for her engaging, elegant and entertaining dancing. Working in the genres of bellydance, Indian dance (Bollywood and Bhangra) and hip-hop dance. Lisa travels nationally and internationally teaching and performing.

In 2008 Lisa brought home the title of Tribal Fusion Bellydancer of the Universe.  She followed this up in 2009 by being named the Alternative Category Champion at the West Bellydance Competition in Las Vegas Nevada. 

After a day of instruction, what were the participants at this Day Trip saying?  Please bring Lisa back!  Clearly a single day is not enough with this instructor.  Lisa's expansive knowledge of the different styles of dance has put her on our recurring instructor list!  Look for Lisa to be visiting Pyramid Road again.

Day Trip with Naima Sultanta: Ballet for Bellydancers
January 23, 2011

In our first ever Day Trip the beautiful Naima Sultana shows us ways to Melt into Your Dance.  We learned how to strengthen and lengthen using Belly Barre™ exercises and identified key ballet elements to melt into our dance.  We topped off the day with a choreography that incorporated all that we had learned.

What the dancers were saying:

Lotus Moon Belly Dance: Naima's Ballet for Bellydancers workshop was no joke! We had an amazing time and have lots of stuff to add to our toolbox! Thanks again to Pyramid Road for hosting such a lovely event and of course to Naima for being such an awesome teacher!!!!!

Margaret: I'd like to give a big Thanks to Pyramid Road for all the hard work that went into their first Day Trip, Ballet for Bellydancers with Naima, yesterday! WoW! I've never attended a workshop that was so prepared as well as professional. Nice job! I LOVE the packets you made for the participants! Thanks again!!!! :)

Amber: Debbie thank you for organizing such an amazing workshop! You rak! Your special touches made all the difference.