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Welcome to Pyramid Road, promoter of Raqs Sharqi workshops & events. At this time offer three different types of workshops to meet all of your dance needs. Our March event is our flagship Road Trip event.  In August we hold our annual Intensive   workshop  and we hold our Day Trips  events periodically through out the year.

Our Road Trip features two shows and two days of workshops. We will also have prizes and loads of vendors with bellydance fashion and accessories

Our Intensive workshop is geared for intermediate/ advanced dancers (and brave beginners) who are looking for  a challenge to take their dance to the next level. 
Our Day Trips  are specialized work- shops that focus on a special topic or are geared to a specific level of dance.  

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March 21-22, 2015


2014 Intensive 
Virginia &
Amir Thaleb
August 8-10, 2014
Registration is 
now open!



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